The FamilyTies Foundation and its partners

FamilyTies is a foundation in which all the divisions of the Novartis group Germany are represented - Novartis Pharma, Novartis Vaccines, Novartis Consumer Health and Sandoz-HEXAL. FamilyTies is based on a network of academics and practitioners with experience in social paediatrics and in work with sibling children and their families.

Important academic partners of FamilyTies are the Institut für Sozialmedizin in der Pädiatrie Augsburg (ISPA) as well as umbrella organisations such as the Kindernetzwerk e.V., universities, and networks and institutions. Experts from business and medicine sit on the Board of the foundation and support the foundation in all matters relating to the development of its work.

FamilyTies relies on the support of partners from various areas of public and social life. Contacts and initial collaborations have been established with policy-makers, statutory health insurance providers, institutions, and associations. An indication that the work of the foundation is being officially recognised is, for example, the award of the Bavarian Health Prize 2012 in the category “Also well supported as relatives” to the GeschwisterCLUB Augsburg, which was developed by the Institute for Social Medicine in Paediatrics Augsburg (ISPA) together with the University of Flensburg and with the support of the FamilyTies Foundation.

Prominent partners have backed FamilyTies from the outset. This has allowed FamilyTies to take off more quickly and to be established on a broad footing. To ensure that interested parties work in tandem for the benefit of those affected and to strengthen the initiatives in support of sibling children, the foundation concludes dedicated cooperation agreements with network partners.

Kooperationspartner, mit denen FamilienBande aktuell Projekte verfolgt

Institut für Sozialmedizin
in der Pädiatrie Augsburg



Kindernetzwerk e.V.




Netzwerk für die Versorgung schwerkranker Kinder und Jugendlicher e.V.



Stiftung Liebenau


Verbund für Geschwister








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