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What is LARES?

The LARES early detection questionnaire (in ancient Rome, the guardian deities of families were called “Lares”) provides information on the level of stress and suffering endured by siblings of chronically ill or disabled children and gives information regarding care services that may be required. On the basis of the information gained from the LARES questionnaire, the aim is to determine the specific needs of a sibling in defined areas. This allows individual support services to be made available to healthy siblings who demonstrate an increased risk of psychological stress as a result of the particular health situation of their families with a chronically ill or disabled child.

LARES is not only there to assess suffering and stress, but can also be used as a guideline for consultation. The results of the questionnaire provide important information for a subsequent interview with the siblings and their parents.

Most recently, a quick test is evaluated to LARES. With this test the specific needs for supplies of siblings can be determined quickly and easily. The bow is currently being tested in 10 surgeries and rolled out to other practices. The LARES quick test is intended for all interested practices during the year 2014.

What is in LARES?

There is a questionnaire for parents, a questionnaire for children aged 8–11 years, and a questionnaire for young people aged 12–18 years.

The questionnaires for siblings (children/young people) are the more important ones, because at the end of the day, LARES wants to find out about the stress and suffering experienced by the siblings. The children themselves are the “experts” in their own situation. That’s why their answers are of particular importance. The assessment provided by the parents in their own questionnaire can provide additional information. This tool can be used independently of the type of illness or disability from which the child suffers.

The three questionnaires

You can find the questionnaires and the instructions on these pages – either to print out in hard copy or as an interactive online version, which will help in the assessment. In addition, you can use the training online to find out about LARES in greater detail. You can also order a LARES package in hard copy that contains all the important documents at: info@stiftung-familienbande.de.

What questions are asked in LARES?

In a first step, LARES asks two questions to determine the level of suffering and stress the sibling child is experiencing. In addition, five areas of care provision are queried that give more specific information concerning the problems and the needs of the sibling.
Sibling relationship (GB)
Social integration (SI)
Family stress (FB)
Competence at school (SK)
Knowledge about the disease (KW)
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