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FamilyTies - Together for siblings

Around two million children and young people¹ in Germany live with a chronically ill or disabled sibling. The sick or handicapped child inevitably plays a central role in these families. Healthy siblings often receive less attention, but at the same time they are under constant pressure to perform because their brother or sister is already bringing the family enough challenges. But not all siblings can withstand such stresses.

FamilyTies - Vision

The vision of FamilyTies is to enable an unburdened growth for siblings of chronically ill or disabled children and teenagers. Therefore we aim to establish a nationwide provider-network with adequate and high quality programs accessible close to their families.

Help for siblings

Until now, the affected children and their families have not been offered any systematic, nationwide support that meets their needs. FamilyTies developed "Program Finder" to make already existing programs visible and nearby providers easy to contact. Currently our network includes more than 200 programs for siblings of chronically ill or disabled children.


¹Source: Statistisches Bundesamt (2007): Statistical Yearbook for the Federal Republic of Germany.
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