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The siblings of chronically ill or disabled children find themselves in a particularly stressful situation which they are often unable to deal with by themselves. It is therefore the mission of the FamilyTies Foundation to enable all sibling children to find suitable high-quality support in their area as and when they need it.

Therefore FamilyTies developed the unique Program Finder, where currently more than 200 programs are available for siblings in Germany. 

Angebote für Geschwister behinderter Kinder und ihre Familien



Alle 357 Angebote für Geschwister finden Sie hier.

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Ab September bietet die Ambulante Kinderhospizarbeit Süd-Ost-Niedersachsen eine Geschwisterkindergruppe an. Die Geschwistrkinder erwartet hier ein Ort für Gedanken & Gefühle, Entspannung und Austausch mit anderen Kindern in der gleichen Lagen, gemeinsames spielen und Spaß. Hier stehen ganz klar die Geschwistr im Mittelpunkt, die hier Continue Reading...
Unter dem Motto " Der Schatz der Unterwasserwelten" laden der Hai "Sharky", der Zauberer "Merlin" und das Geschwisterkinder Netzwerk zu einem Schatzgang durch die Unterwasserwelt beim SEA LIFE Aquarium in Hannover ein. Eingeladen sind Geschwister von Kindern mit Behinderung/Erkrankung und ihre Familien. Gemeinsam Continue Reading...
Das ITZ Wolfenbüttel bietet für Geschwister im Alter von 6-14 Jahren ein Geschwisterwochenende im Fass an. Im Fokus stehen neben dem Erleben von Natur, Abenteuer und abendlichem Feuer natürlich auch gemeinsame Gespräche und Geschwister-Quatsch. Einen Tag und eine Nacht lang nur unter Geschwister - Zeit genug für eine gemeinsames Continue Reading...


Übernachtungsaktion für Geschwister von 6-15 Jahren in Niederntudorf in der Luise Weber Hütte
Die bunteste Geschwistergruppe für Jugendliche von 12-16 Jahren; 14:00-15:30 Uhr in Hannover
Geschwisterkindergruppe der Ambulanten Kinderhospizarbeit Süd-Ost-Niedersachen "Das Kennenlern-Treffen" von 16:00-18:00 Uhr in Wolfsburg
MaMe-Time: Mama-Abende als Empowerment für Mütter ergänzend zur Geschwistergruppe "Gemeinsam stark" in Villingen
Geschwisterwochenende für Kinder von 6-14 Jahren in Wolfenbüttel
Deichkids mit Karina: Geschwistertage für Geschwisterkinder im Alter von 5-13 Jahren; 10:00-15:00 Uhr in Neuwied

Der Früherkennungsbogen LARES bietet eine Hilfestellung, um die Belastung und den damit verbundenen Leidensgrad von Geschwistern schwer chronisch kranker oder behinderter Kinder zu erkennen und.


"Children are our future. To prepare them properly, is of socio-political relevance. Because of that and because I wish to have an areawide program structure for siblings in Thuringia, I am pleased to support FamilyTies."

Carola Stauche, Thuringian Member of the German Parliament

„Siblings do need local support.This is also an issue for the City of Düsseldorf . We are very pleased that FamilyTies offer a platform where affected children and their families can get an overview of services and local programs and find many other interesting information."

Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer-Falcke, Deputy HR & Health City of Düsseldorf

"It is a good thing that Family Ties focuses on the needs of siblings. I am pleased that there are many improvements for siblings already and am willing to support FamilyTies in its future work."

Manuela Schwesig, Federal Minister for Family Affairs, 04. April 2014

"I am very pleased seeing that there are many local initiatives that address to these siblings and give them personal support and offer a break from everyday life stress."

"Herrmann Gröhe, Federal Health Minister, 16.03.2014

The Minister of Defense, Ursula von der Leyen, is godmother of FamilyTies of the first hour. The former Minister for Family Affairs welcomes the fact that FamilyTies is throwing light on this important issue.

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(accepted on 9th december, 2009)

Ursula von der Leyen, Minister of Defense                           

„FamilyTies fills an important gap in the care of siblings. I especially like that the Foundation at the same time supports the networking site in Nuremberg and acts as an independent nation-wide platform. The combination of local presence and nationwide activity gives the required depth and attention.”

Dr. Ulrich Maly,
Mayor of Nuremberg 

Gerd und Bobby Brederlow

Eva-Luise Köhler, wife of former German Federal President Horst Köhler, is enthusiastic about the initiative and committed to support FamilyTies.

Eva-Luise Köhler

“I welcome and support the FamilyTies initiative with all my heart because I know from personal experience that siblings of ill or disabled children are in a unique situation. Many rise to the occasion, but others need help. My childhood and teenage years with my brother Omid - he has Down’s Syndrome - had a significant impact on me and my life.”


Peyman Amin,
Model Agent and juror

“Having someone at your side who is not quite the same as you should not be seen as a punishment. Siblings should be given the opportunity to discover that this can enrich their lives.”

Claudia Kleinert,
TV weather presenter

“FamilyTies addresses an issue of social and also medical relevance that, regrettably, is still paid too little attention in practice. For this reason I personally support the initiative.”

Prof. Dr. med. Karl Max Einhäupl,
Chairman of the Executive Board of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

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